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Updated 2/10/21

We just heard word that the NCAA has extended the dead period until April  of 2021 . This means no visits to college campuses and no off-campus recruiting from NCAA D1, or D2 coaches. Normal rules still apply for communication based on grade you are in.

Updated 2/10/21

It has been said that 2021 recruits  do not  have to take the  SAT or ACT tests for recruiting purposes.

NCAA BBCS Link: for all players who will be playing in NCAA Viewing Period events:

The Basketball Certification System (BBCS) is open for new athlete registration for 2021.   

Returning athletes should have received an email February 25, 2020 with login and renewal instructions.  Please advise your returning athletes to check their email (including their junk/spam folders).  If they can not locate the email, please have them follow the instructions for returning users below.

ALL athletes participating in NCAA-certified non-scholastic events MUST register for or renew their profile in the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS) – Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided in the Basketball Certification User Manuals section of .  Additional help is also available in our FAQ’s.

All tabs on the athlete’s profile must be COMPLETE (including documents uploads when applicable) BEFORE a coach can invite the athlete to the team’s bench/roster.

STEP 1. Create or renew an account.NEW users – 1. Go to and click Create an Eligibility Center Account.
 Not in high school yet? When asked for your high school, select the high school you plan to attend and enter your planned start date and graduation date.
2. Once you have completed your EC account, find the section that says “DON’T FORGET THE BBCS!” and click the BBCS button to return to the BBCS.
 3. On the Basic Information tab, click the Edit Address button and add the athlete’s I Live and Lived at since information and click Save.
4. Add the athlete’s parent/guardian information and Submit.
5. On the Basic Information tab, review and confirm receipt of educational resources and Save.
6. On the School Information tab, enter school information and Save.

RETURNING users – 
1. Go to and click Login.
2. Athletes will use their Eligibility Center email address and password to log into the BBCS.  If you do not know the email address used on the athlete’s Eligibility Center account, please contact ECAG at 844/562-6201 option 2 or use the Email Contact Form.
3. Once you are logged in please update or edit the contact information as needed on the Basic Information tab, review and confirm receipt of the current year’s educational resources, update or edit your School Information tab and then save your profile for 2020.
STEP 2.  Respond to Bench Invitation
If you are playing in a team event, your coach will send you an invitation to add you to their bench.
 1.    Receive the bench invitation by email or on your alerts tab in the BBCS.2.    Go to your My Teams tab.3.    Click the accept or reject button to respond to the invitation.
FYI: This reminder message appears in the BBCS and WILL NOT disappear.
After reviewing the email, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact ECAG at 844/562-6201 option 2; search for answers in our FAQ’s, or use the Email Contact Form




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